Photography Styles Explained

Photography Styles Explained

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Contemporary - the contemporary style uses lots of the posing techniques associated with traditional photography but throws in a dramatic background or unusual angle or both. Contemporary wedding photographers will often use a combination of approaches to photograph different aspects of the day. They may shoot the ceremony in a reportage style, then switch to a more controlled and formal style for the group shots. The bride and groom shots will generally be quite heavily posed but with your attention focused on each other rather than looking at the photographer. The finished results can look like pages from a glossy bridal magazine.

Traditional - Although slightly outdated there are still lots of photographers that offer this kind of photography and indeed many couples whom seek this style out. Traditional wedding photographers generally shoot staged and very formal images. Each shot will be carefully arranged and the results may be stiff and have that ‘seen it a thousand times’ look about it. The older generation will be used to this kind of photography and may even expect it. This style of photography is fast being replaced by more fluid forms of photography like reportage and contemporary.

Reportage - Also known as documentary photography, this style takes a ‘fly on the wall’ approach, documenting things as they happen rather than setting up staged moments through the day. Many reportage photographerswill still arrange group shots and a few couple shot but the main emphasis will be on candid, informal photography. The results from a good documentary wedding photographer are natural expressions and real emotions and each tell a story in their own right. This style is often adopted by photographs that are new to the industry because they can just hang around all day taking pictures and their inexperience in arranging groups and posing techniques would not be exposed. Done right reportage photography can be a fantastic and natural reflection of your special day.

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