Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob

Monday, November 21st, 2011

So you’ve got a relative/friend, lets call him bob. He has just got a great new digital camera and you thought you might ask him to do your wedding photography. You have seen some of the photos he has posted on flikr and they look pretty good. He hasnt done much wedding photography but seems keen and there’s a lot of money to be saved.

Well, in a few cases you might get lucky and get some great images, there are a few “Uncle Bobs” out there that would do a great job. In most cases though the likely outcome is out of focus blurred and incorrectly exposed images, ultimately resulting in disappointment and regret. There’s a simple reason for this. Uncle Bob is likely going to be more interested in the proceedings than taking photographs. Listening to what was being said, watching what’s happening, and generally enjoying his day. The photography becomes a second job whilst attending the wedding.

To get right wedding photography is one of the most technically challenging forms of photography. The photographer has to be constantly alert to the unfolding of the day’s events, they have to be in position even before things happen.

They must be good with people, blending in to the background when appropriate and taking control when required. As well as empathy, creativity and passion; photographers must have a supreme technical knowledge of not only cameras but lighting (both natural and artificial), composition, design and post production. Professional photographers offer a package that includes so much more than just taking fantastic pictures.

Most photographers offer storybook type wedding albums that require a keen eye for design and creative flare if they are going t o look good. Many photographers study for upward of 5 years, the really good ones never stop studying, constantly attending seminars and workshops, reading photography books and staying abreast of hardware and software developments. When photographing your wedding, a professional photographer has one aim. To produce amazing photographs that capture the emotion and key events of you special day.

So back to uncle Bob and his new camera, if you still trust him and believe he has the technical knowledge and creativity to produce the only lasting and tangible reminder of your wedding day…….I hope you get lucky.

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