Daniel Eastgate | Wedding Photography

Daniel Eastgate | Wedding Photography

Daniel Eastgate|Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Staffordshire…Unique, relaxed and friendly wedding photographer who captures all of the magical moments while you and your guests enjoy the special day. My creative eye along with 5 years experience in the wedding industry will ensure that your wedding photos will be treasured for years to come.

From the tears of joy to the bursts of laughter and the emotional embraces. I will be there to photograph it all in a professional and friendly manner. My photographs capture the essence of the day from the smallest details to the first dance. My unique style and experience in the industry allows me to capture your wedding the way you want it to be captured.
I would describe my photography style as relaxed, friendly, discreet and unobtrusive. This style ensures that you and your guests are relaxed and having fun, which creates stunning wedding photo opportunites. Enjoying your special day is essential and my style allows you to do this. My combination of a relaxed photography style along with formal elements allows everyone to enjoy the day to the maximum while I photograph some amazing natural imagery. My artistic approach and exciting wedding photography will create memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.
​When it comes to Wedding Photography, I am a specialist at creating and capturing images that tell a magical story. From emotional embraces, to outbursts of laughter and of course those tender precious moments, my wedding photography captures it all in a fun, friendly and relaxed manner.  
​I use my wedding photography to not only capture the memories but to tell the untold story of the love between a bride and groom. I take great pride in creating amazing pictures that not only capture the eye but are filled with the emotions of the day. My unique style and creative eye for a shot will ensure that your wedding photos will be the perfect reminder of the happiest day of your life.
 I know how important your day is and I also know how fast it will pass by. The images captured on that day will transport you back to one of the happiest days of your lives. Using over 5 years experience in the wedding industry, my imaginative eye and the latest digital equipment, booking Daniel Eastgate Wedding Photography is the perfect choice to capture the memories of your special day.
Please take a look at my photos and feel free to contact me for more information. 



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