Elaine Daley (elainedaleydesignweddings@gmail.com)

Elaine Daley (elainedaleydesignweddings@gmail.com)

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Dear Jim,
My name is Elaine Daley, and I’m getting in touch firstly because I highly rate your work.
I have looked at your website and am really enchanted by the refreshing nature of your photography this inspired me to get in touch with you in the first instance.
I have been working on my own works of art, in the form of handmade clocks and mirrors created by using photographs. My work has been very well received and I have set up my own website to sell to businesses as well as consumers who want their own handmade, 100% customised clocks for weddings, birthdays, thank you messages or to feature their pets.
I recently hit upon the strategy of Joint Ventures and I wanted to invite you to discuss how we can both help each other, simply through referral and recommendation.
The main reason I wanted to speak to you was to discuss the possibility of cross promotion. This would mean that when I suggest a certain photographer to shoot a client or feature anything related to my clients wishes to include in a clock, I have the right photographer or pool of photographers to turn to and recommend.
In the same breath, I would like you to consider the option of recommending me to your clients in terms of getting a beautiful handmade clock or mirror, whether it’s wedding, portrait or celebration related.
I’m just a Genuine Clock & Mirror Maker on a Mission and I truly feel that your artistic and inspired photography would look amazing hanging on a wall as a work of art and would allow people to embrace a new and exciting way of enjoying their wedding photos.
In return for your recommendation, I would be happy to offer you a healthy commission of 20% on every clock/mirror made to your pool of clients, which could be past, current or future.
This means that for every short conversation you have where you mention my services, or single flyer handed out that features my works, you can be earning 20% for doing literally nothing.
There is no selling or project management required. I’m only looking to work with a very small handful of Photographers, so if this does sound of interest, I would have to hear back from you. If you are one of the first 3 photographers that response I will create a first clock or mirror for any one of your clients at cost price.
I believe that this joint venture would be mutually beneficial to both of us. As a further incentive I would also be happy to provide a 5% discount exclusive to your clients just for quoting your name. This is definitely a win win situation for both of us and I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely and artfully,
Elaine Daley



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