HinaTran (hinabentran@yahoo.co.uk)

HinaTran (hinabentran@yahoo.co.uk)

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Hi Brett,

I met you at the NEC in UK at one of your splendid inspiring workshops. I am so glad I got to attend. I have come to a stage in life to just focus on what I want to do – my dream photographing weddings and to leave the other jobs that I have been doing that have taken up my time and distracted me from what I should be focusing on. At the workshop you said you could email people the slides and was wondering if you still had the slides that you could email me so I could get some direction. I hope you will be at the next photography show in NEC and hope to get chance to buy some videos at great show price.

Kind Regards

Hina Tran

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